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I have never been a fan of describing myself or telling people who I am...how do you do something like that...I'll always wonder if the way I see myself is different than how people surrounding me see me.

Still...I can share a fact or two...like, I've been a reader for as long as I can remember. Back in school when I was still just a little kid we had this box with library books in our class room. We were encouraged to read the books in it and the were exchanged for new ones once a month...I usually read the all within a week or so.

I was barely a teenager when I discovered my mum's Harlequin novellas...and it's been building from there. I can say without a doubt that I love contemporary romance...even more if they're written with humour thrown in like Penny Read's Knitting in the City series. I also enjoy YA and NA well enough and you will come across reviews of such books.

I'm 38 years old, married and have a beautiful 2 year old precious little girl. She is my everything even when she drives me batshit crazy and up the walls.

 Professional Reader