Friday, 16 October 2015


Fated To Be Mine


Jodie Larson

I was really excited about reading this book as Jodie Larson was an unknown author to me. Reading the first few pages I soon realized that this book was a sequel - yeah, I'd been a bit slow to realize this, but I decided that this book still needed a fair chance...and I did not regret it.

Tessa is a great girl who, like so many other women in the real world, struggle with low self esteem and practically no beliefs in herself. What makes her different from many other book heroines is the fact, that she realizes she has these problems, and it seems like she makes a big effort to keep them under control.

Andrew is a sweetheart. Patient and romantic he chips away at Tessa's walls of ice in the fight for her love and heart. He is the kind of man that every women wants for herself. It does not mean, that he is perfect because he has been made human by the author.

These two makes you want to cheer them on in their relationship - they make you laugh and cry with them while rooting for their happily ever they get it? Well, you'll have to by the book and read it.

Enjoy :-)