Monday, 19 October 2015


Long Shot


Lexi Whitlow

Reading a book by a new author is always a thrilling experience - and Long Shot did not let me down. 

Natalie is a sweet girl with a feather dust touch of bad girl well hidden within. The nurse turned doctor's need for taking care of others get her in trouble when her bad boy stepbrother literally falls through her door.

Josh is an illegal MMA fighter struggling and fighting to turn his life around. Lexi Whitlow nails this reformed bad boy by keeping him full of flaws and far from perfect. what he does have is an honesty and a will to do better and be better. That makes him perfectly believable and easy to relate to. I for one found myself rooting for him to redeem himself every time he messed up. 

This book is a very good debut novel and I highly recommend you pick it up for one of those cold autumn or winter nights that're waiting around the just might keep you warm.