Sunday, 25 January 2015

Freedom Rein by Sarah Louise Clark

BI finished this book today and was rather surprised to find, that the author is a married woman and not a teenage girl.

The writing needs help - the style and vocabulary seems immature to me as does the scenes involving sex. I would say that this book is best suited for teenage girls and young adults - but beware that it does contain descriptive sex scenes.

The story is sweet and gives off definite  feel-good vibes. However for my taste it's a little to sweet.

The young heroine Estelle is barely seventeen but has already been through beatings and sexual abuse in a foster home. She runs away and from that moment everything turns perfect for her - she finds a great job, finds love with the employer's son and ends up a show jumper with horses taking her to Olympia.
Sure there's a few bumps in the road but they seem too easily negotiated by young Estelle.

Still, I give this books 2 stars and say go for it if you're into books like The Black Stallion.