Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Risking It All by Tessa Bailey

I absolutely hated it...hated that it had to end. The story and the characters...those I loved to the moon and back. This book caught my attention from the opening line and kept it right through til the last word.Tessa Bailey cleverly portraits the fact, that every person has something good and bad in them - it makes both Bowen and Sera believable and real as they come alive on every single page.

Bowen is raw and rough to very core of his being. His anguish and pain drip of the pages as he desperately tries to cling to the last shredded pieces of his soul - he never had a choice in what kind of man he was to become.

Seraphina is pure - raised with an all-girls school run by nuns, going to church and still a virgin. She is the white to Bowen's black. When their worlds collide passion, lust and mixed feelings explode all over the place. Black and white runs together creating those grey zones that can be dangerous and tricky to negotiate.

If you like it steamy...if you like it hot...if you like it kept real...then Risking I All is for you. Don't wait to pick it up. Me...I can't wait for the next book in the Crossing The Line series...Up In Smoke should be out in June 2015.

Risking It All gets 5 stars from me.