Thursday, 4 June 2015

Review: Cannon by Sabrina Paige

Did you read Prick? 

Did you read Tool? 

If you did and liked them, then Sabrina Paige is going to blow you right out of the water with her newest novel Cannon. Sabrina Paige has said that this book is not exactly like her first two books in this series, and she is right. Prick and Tool both made me feel good, made me laugh and entertained me – but this book took it to a completely new level.

Addy and Hendrix jumped off the pages and became three and four-dimensional – they were so real that I half expected to run into them on the street. What they find with each other is true love…and just as in the real world that love is tested.

Hendrix is battling the demons that followed him out of the Marine Corps. He has seen the worst life has to offer and finds himself caught in the darkness more often than anyone would like. Addy finds herself in a world of glamour but she is just not happy.

When their worlds once again collide old feelings of hate and attraction rises, and these two emotions battles it out for victory. In the end, hate does not stand a chance.

The story in itself is not new, however, Sabrina Paige makes it unique with the almost touchable emotions that drips off the pages. I for one am looking forward to what this talented writer delivers next time out.