Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Playing Defense (Corrigan Falls Raiders, #2)Playing Defense by Cate Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I might be a 38 year old happily married mother of one but I still loved this book, and I do believe even as a fully grownup there is a message in there that I can use.

Chris is adorable and I love the fact that this is a jock who does not care what others think about him. He could not care less that the girl he falls for is not part of the in crowd surrounding athletes in high school and everywhere else for that matter. However, this young man just might want to care a tiny bit more - just enough to actually apply himself both athletic and academic.

Claudia is the opposite at least in the beginning. She basically allows her mum to live her life for her and her entire life is academics and grades. When she begins tutoring Chris she makes additional friends and suddenly this girl blooms like a tulip in spring. She begins living and reaches for independence.

This book is about fear of failure and about becoming your own person separate from your parents. It is about growing up and it was nice for once to read about a jock who was already a nice guy though a bit on the lazy side.

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